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Charles V. Taylor Jr.

Charles V. Taylor

Charles V. Taylor Jr. is executive director of the Mississippi State Conference NAACP and principal at Peyton Strategies, a political data firm in Mississippi that specializes in data collection and management. Taylor provides consulting services for nonprofits and progressive candidates from federal to local districts. With a background in community organizing, political direction and canvassing, he possesses a unique perspective, intuitive insight and sound judgment of political analytics. Taylor served as a state organizer in 2012 for the Mississippi State Conference NAACP “This Is My Vote” campaign, which registered more than 29,000 Black voters in the state. He was a field director and campaign coordinator for the Better Schools, Better Jobs ballot initiative to fully fund education, also known as Initiative 42. Taylor is also a member of Freedom Side, a national collective of social justice community organizers. He consults as a data manager for One Voice Inc., a nonprofit that seeks to build a progressive civic infrastructure in the American South. He also serves as the Southern organizing adviser to Groundwork Project, founded by former Congressman Joe Kennedy.