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'Follow Me To Hell" by Tom Clavin (book cover)

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Follow Me to Hell’

I've read and enjoyed Tom Clavin's earlier Western histories, such as "Dodge City," "Tombstone" and "Wild Bill," all of which I've covered here.

'Life Sentence' by Mark Bowden (book cover)

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Life Sentence’

Mark Bowden is perhaps best known for books about the military, such as "Black Hawk Down," but he has also written several books about crime.

"Loyalty" by Lisa Scottoline (book cover)

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Loyalty’

I was drawn to Lisa Scottoline's historical novel about Sicily, "Loyalty," because I've enjoyed her novels in the past, and because I'm half Sicilian on my late mother's side and I visited that beautiful island many years ago.

'Paperback Jack' by Loren D. Estleman (book cover)

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Paperback Jack’

Loren D. Estleman, the award-winning author of the Amos Walker crime series, has published "Paperback Jack," an interesting and well-written novel about the birth of paperback novels.

'Code Name Blue Wren' by Jim Popkin (book cover)

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Code Name Blue Wren’

Some years ago, when I was performing security work as a civilian Defense Department employee, I attended a briefing at the headquarters of the Defense Intelligence Agency at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington.

'Red London' by Alma Katsu (book cover)

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Red London’

Alma Katsu's "Red London," the second spy thriller in a series that began with "Red Widow," is a well-written and fascinating look at a CIA officer and a Russian oligarch in post-Putin London.