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No, really, they don’t hate Jews. It’s just that everybody they hate the most happen to be Jews.

And from a geopolitical standpoint, there is not a ray of daylight between them and the jihadi terrorist state of Iran. In the great fight between good and evil — between civilization and savagery — it is Israel that must be eliminated from the map.

But really, they don’t hate Jews.

It is the kind of twisted thinking that leads people to Big Lies.

The terrorist invasion of Israel on Oct. 7 did not happen in a vacuum, they say. OK, but neither did building a wall around Gaza to keep the terrorists out of the civilized communities of Israel.

But Gaza is an “open-air prison,” they scream. OK, but there is not a prison on Earth with a 25-mile beach on one of the planet’s most beautiful seas. Also, the biggest gates to the “open-air prison” belong to Egypt, which keeps them locked.

Yet somehow, it is Israel that is the “occupation force” that maintains this “open-air prison.”

Perhaps the most absurd lie told by terrorist sympathizers is that Israel “occupies” Gaza — even as Israel “invades” Gaza. They really need to make up their minds on this. Either Israel is an “occupation” force or an “invading” force. It cannot be both.

But really, these people do not hate Jews.

And it is not just radical jihadis in the Middle East who support and sympathize with the terrorists. Some of the nicest people on Earth side with terrorists over Israel — not that it has anything to do with being Jewish.

Just days before terrorists from Gaza invaded Israel to slaughter innocent men, women and children in the most brutal fashion, Canada’s Parliament invited an actual Nazi soldier into the halls of government. The Canadian government leapt to its feet and delivered a rousing ovation for the World War II “hero” — a Nazi soldier.

But really, it has nothing to do with the Jews.

It’s not just the nice people of Canada celebrating this “final solution” to solve the problems of the Middle East.

Closer to home, in a place called North Auschwitz, Massachusetts — I mean, North Andover, Massachusetts — town leaders have hoisted a Palestinian flag over the town commonly used to honor those who launched the terrorist attack against Israel.

“North Andover is an incredibly comfortable, friendly, welcoming town. It’s not antisemitic,” said Marc Freedman, president of the local synagogue.

Town leaders, he said, simply bowed to pressure to put up the flag.

“I think they’re just a bunch of cowards,” he said. The flag, he added, “is a symbol to just eliminate the entire Jewish population.”

But really, it has nothing to do with the Jews. Kind of like when German civilians noticed nothing amiss. It’s just raining ashes from the nearby factory.

Terrorist sympathizers who want to eliminate Israel launched an insurrection against the White House. While President Biden has done all he can to fund and support the anti-Israel jihadi terrorists of Iran, he has stopped short of endorsing their plans to eliminate Israel.

“Genocide Joe!” they chanted as they charged the fences around the White House.

After the White House insurrection was put down, jihadi Democrats charged the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. Capitol Police were dispatched to put down that insurrection, too.

Now Democratic lawmakers are complaining that their voters have turned against them.

In addition to “Genocide Joe,” Democratic Sens. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania and Chris Coons of Delaware have been heckled and accosted by their voters over their sudden professed support for Israel. It’s a little hard not to feel sorry for them watching the hapless and disheveled Mr. Fetterman literally wrap himself in an Israeli flag and Mr. Coons cornered and grilled by a rude and unruly jihadi Democrat.

But in the end, they have no one to blame but themselves. If you lie down with dirty dogs who want to murder Jews, you cannot complain when you wake up with terrorist fleas.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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